Spring is coming and Alure is heavily booked. We know how torturous it is to keep searching for your luxury Stanthorpe accommodation and not find any availability. In order to help you find suitable dates for your romantic escape, we’ve created a cheat sheet of available dates. Of course, we’ll continue to update these dates throughout spring to keep you in the ‘availability’ loop.

Weekends: Glamping tent – from December, and Luxe Villas – from December.

September: Fully booked.

October: Glamping tent – fully booked. Villa available – Friday 30 – Dog friendly.

November: Glamping tent available – 8, 15, 29. Villas available – 1, 5, 14, 26 and 29. All dog friendly (excluding 14).

To see full rates, availability and to book your luxury Stanthorpe accommodation go here.