Welcome to the Home of Berry Love…

We’ve been meaning to write about this Granite Belt home of yummy things (berry and otherwise) for quite some time. Of course, we’re talking about The Bramble Patch, a family run, Granite Belt institution.

We discovered the joys of The Bramble Patch shortly after moving to Stanthorpe in early 2009.  Located at the end of Townsend Road at Glen Aplin, with large ‘prose’ filled strawberries guiding us along the way, we reached the multi award winning home of  jams, preserves and  fortified wines, along with waffles, poffertjes, berry ice creams and yes … coffee…. sigh.

We were served by the lovely Hayley, who took our order for waffles, berries and ice cream, in various forms.  Yum!!!  What can we say; we loved it so much we just HAD to supply Bramble Patch jam and the (exclusively made for us at Alure Stanthorpe) apple/berry compote in our lovely Villa breakfast baskets.

Of course, most of our Alure guests visit The Bramble Patch during their stay and can’t resist taking some gourmet delight home. Interestingly, on our Facebook page, just mentioning The Bramble Patch generates a flurry of comments.

So, don’t muck around, experience your own taste of Granite Belt ‘Berry Love’!

Footnote: Customer service is a big thing at The Bramble Patch as when we returned for more waffle/berry love, Hayley remembered exactly how we had our order…. now that’s big!