Glamping Accommodation in Queensland

When you love the idea of camping, but you want a touch of luxury, glamping is the way forward. As a camping trend that’s taken Australia by storm, glamping is the perfect mix of sleeping under the stars and immersing yourself in luxury. If you’re yet to give it a chance, here are some reasons to try glamping accommodation in Queensland this summer.

Sleeping under the night sky

When was the last time you witnessed the beauty of a starry night without city pollution? If you don’t spend much time in rural locations, it’s difficult to imagine the spectacular beauty of a clear Granite Belt sky at night. Trust us, it’s amazing and glamping is a great way to get that perspective.

Your glamping experience provides a cosier and comfier environment than sleeping in a tent. So you get to experience that gorgeous view from a hot spa or whilst cosied up in front of the fireplace. From air conditioning through to a four-poster bed, each touch combines unparalleled luxury with ‘camping’ enjoyment.

Spending time around wildlife

Most glamping accommodation in Queensland is situated in a rural setting. As a result, you’re surrounded by wildlife in all its glory.

Whether you enjoy spotting vibrant birds or you want to peek at other creatures, glamping allows you to do so. Unlike when you camp, you’ll enjoy facilities such as spas and picnic spots. If you time your spa activities right, you can enjoy bushland wildlife spotting while entering into a state of relaxation.

Bonding away from hectic areas

Everyone loves to go on holiday. If you’re venturing away from home with the aim of relaxing, you need to take yourself away from hectic settings. Fortunately, glamping and tranquillity go hand in hand.

By removing yourself from hectic environments, you can spend time bonding with the people you love. From romantic trips through to weekends away with your friends, glamping will bring you closer together, free from distractions. If you’re after a digital detox at the same time it’s the perfect spot.

Outdoor dining opportunities

The outdoor dining opportunities that come with glamping are difficult to rival. If your accommodation features a fridge and a BBQ area, you can bring all your supplies and eat alfresco for the duration of your trip.

Alternatively, if you bring your bicycle or hire one, you can grab it and pedal to your nearest picnic area. If you love authentic dining and you’re prepared to experiment with your outdoor dishes, glamping is perfect for you.

If you’re ready to try glamping accommodation in Australia, don’t hesitate to place a booking. Once your trip is finished, you’ll be a ‘camping’ convert and looking forward to the next one.