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Glamping Accommodation in Queensland

When you love the idea of camping, but you want a touch of luxury, glamping is the way forward. As a camping trend that’s taken Australia by storm, glamping is the perfect mix of sleeping under the stars and immersing yourself in luxury. If you’re yet to give it a chance, here are some reasons to try glamping accommodation in Queensland this summer.

Sleeping under the night sky

When was the last time you witnessed the beauty of a starry night without city pollution? If you don’t spend much time in rural locations, it’s difficult to imagine the spectacular beauty of a clear Granite Belt sky at night. Trust us, it’s amazing and glamping is a great way to get that perspective.

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Australian First – Luxury Tent Coming to Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt!

For a change we’re writing about something we’re up to at Alure Stanthorpe and we’re excited!  It’s been over 12 months of hoping, planning and dreaming.  Finally, it’s all coming together and in late 2011 our new Tented Villa is due for completion.  Did we say we’re excited???  We going to bring glamping in Queensland to a whole new level.
It’s all the things you love about camping like the soothing sounds of the rhythm of the trees and the twitter of the local birdlife, the masses of gorgeous wild flowers in spring, watching a full moon rise and the caress of an afternoon breeze.
Like the idea of camping, but you’re not up to ‘roughing it’ with creepy crawlies on hard, lumpy ground, in a sleeping bag and a tiny tent after eating half cold and half burnt beans for dinner?  Neither are we…

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