The Importance of Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples with Kids

Once the honeymoon is over, married couples tend to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of home life, especially if they have young children. Both partners get busy planning their lives around their kids, and around their jobs, leaving little energy for couple time in the busy family calendar. Add to this extensive technology use, whether for work or leisure, and you have a recipe for couples growing older under one roof, but not really growing together.

Sometimes you just need time away in order to reconnect. Sound familiar? If you’re looking to create space to spend time with your spouse and keep the romantic spark alive in your relationship, a romantic weekend getaway can make a world of difference.

Although it’s often tricky to organise, and find someone to look after the kids, it’s important. Spending time together, away from work and family pressures is essential. Getting away is not just about rekindling the passion in your relationship; it’s also a time for each one of you to reset individually, so you can both come back fully reinvigorated and ready to carry on fulfilling your goals together.

To make this happen, you and your spouse need to be willing to commit the time. If you don’t book now, your weekend getaway plans may never happen! If you’re having a tough time coming up with a great place for a weekend of romance, you can probably guess now that Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt, Queensland is a wonderful place for couples.

Stanthorpe is a wonderful place to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. On any typical day at Alure Stanthorpe, you might go on an early morning bike ride, enjoy a picnic lunch, and finish the day with a romantic dinner of fresh local seafood and wine at Varias Restaurant and Function Centre. As evening approaches head back to your villa to enjoy long conversations in a lovely spa and soothing bubbles under endless starry skies.

Day two could see you take a hike together and explore the granite boulders of Donnelly’s Castle. Or perhaps try wine tasting at Pyramids Road Wine or Casley Mount Hutton Winery. For more time outdoors, relishing the scenery visit Mount Marlay Lookout. Whatever you fancy, make time for a quiet candlelit dinner and talk. Really talk, and reconnect.

When you come back from your weekend getaway, you will find how much more in tune you are with each other—much like in the beginning of your relationship. Only this time, you’ve journeyed so much more together and share a deeper, more meaningful love.