Top 100* Love Songs – For a Couples Romantic Getaway

At Alure we absolutely love helping guests plan the perfect romantic couples getaway into the heart of Queensland’s high country, Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. We already have a range of ultimate romantic packages, tours and indulgences such as relaxing in-villa massages. These are of course in addition to inclusions such as our luxe hot tubs and crackling fires to relax by.  The idea of a Love Song playlist seemed so obvious.

Why had we not thought of this before? (we wondered).

It’ll be great! (we said).

It’ll be easy! (we thought).

Ha! How we laugh at our naivety in reflection.  It was quite a surprise when we embarked on the journey deep into the world of love songs. There were so many! How on earth were we ever to choose the right songs for our guests?

What is an Alure love song?

This is the first question we pondered. Being that Alure Stanthorpe is a romantic retreat for adults, we decided to take a Love Actually approach (one of our all-time, favourite movies by the way) and include romantic love themes with a variety of eras and genres. We also asked our Alure social media ‘family’ for some love song suggestions and quite a few made it to the playlist.

Side shout out: Thank you to all of you who commented, messaged and emailed your favourite songs! We have included many of your suggestions.

Some chosen songs are sentimental, some are affirmative and some are a little, shall we say, hot and steamy.

What isn’t an Alure love song?

Being that a stay at Alure Stanthorpe is essentially about escaping the busyness of life and spending time with your loved one, we decided there could be no heartbreak songs. Sorry, there are zero, nada, zilch and absolutely no sad songs to be heard. In all good conscience, how can we provide gorgeous glamping, or villa accommodation in Stanthorpe and a playlist with sad love songs? Hello, Sinead O’Connor, we know ‘Nothing Compares to You’, but sorry you couldn’t be on Alure Stanthorpe’s Top 100* Love Songs playlist.

It’s amazing how many songs seem romantic but simply are not. Hello, Sting… ‘Every Breath You Take’. Let’s not even go there. You’re not on the Top 100* Love Songs playlist either.

And some songs sound so beautiful and dreamy but are sadly not about couples in a loving relationship. Hello, A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera… ‘Say Something’. It breaks our hearts, but you can’t be on Alure’s Top 100* Love Songs playlist. It’s just so sad when you listen to the lyrics! Not so quietly, we were really disappointed not to include this song. This song just gets you right in the feels.

What’s with the asterisk in Alure Stanthorpe’s Top 100* Love Songs?

Good question and nice spotting – It’s confession time. We got so enamoured listening to all the beautiful songs, we simply couldn’t edit the playlist down any further. Seriously, which song was going to go?! So, it seems that we, um, saved more than 100 songs. Oops! (grin)

Where can I hear this playlist?

Just click here…  Top 100* Love Songs by Alure Stanthorpe

From us at Alure Stanthorpe to you: Enjoy!